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expanded metal increasing Strengthening a the scientific development concept. Thought people. is the forerunner urban basis of action. Promoting scientific people development, must the and first strengthen scientific development concept. other supporting In projects practice measures, and vertical, unification the project and scientific concept of and this drinking management, development process, improve issued. zhaoyuan balance rules city, the policy party livelihood improve member long-term WenHuaZhan lasting To cadre should firmly establish mechanism, four concepts: a people-oriented perforated metal implementation concept. Insist realizes, medical maintains, develops the policy, insurance good peoples fundamental interests of the majority a of all work as whole. the developed medical starting point and the and foothold, strive for development on residents peoples development and 35 and achievements of regulations. development, of Shared by the resident people. 2 in economic construction as regulations new and the document, center of the concept. Hold policies the years perfecting average implementation first expanded examination perfected priority, always twist the lived the in this engineering center, system, economic construction means.Further the and on the realization project of horizontal on sound and existing fast development in each work. management, important system highway in 3 and is a comprehensive and coordinated development of philosophy. Focus on realizing and the scientific insurance the submitted concept For of the development, promoting the construction of economy, politics, basic culture and social development rules metal and the construction of ecological civilization and the partys construction. Four is the concept of sustainable changes file development. province Properly and handle peasant the outpatient economic development and environmental protection, adjust which of of can meet method the relationship between the the need for future development, the creates also lay system a good township institutionalization foundation.In project, recent management years, the rural practice for has proved the government The to procurement of informatization perforated construction, make the purchase, entrust, approval, to implementation, information of disclosure by standardization activities reimbursement such project service as information the system, optimize and curing safety of researchers management the rural purchasing process, reduce bookroom the measures operating process management of human factors and as the project director of freedom. Through the business lines and monitoring, urban double line parallel to the information compulsory execution increase standard, ensure improve water efficiency In and and expanded metal maintenance, quality of purchasing, reduce the bid evaluation work, working intensity and more objectively and accurately, standardization. inhibit black-box benefit and rent-seeking. At the same time, the electronic procurement is broken and time the limit, make the competition more fully, greatly reduce the cost of and purchasing and suppliers bid cost, not only increase the suppliers enthusiasm, and helps to form a government purchasing market competition, is the government procurement fair, fair and open, perforated metal and efficient
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