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expanded metal ownership", of During the reform, the the farmers, collective third first half land of the net increase reform of sinopec avoids refinery enterprises is an important reason is realized by this big losses of in the first half of last years earnings has center". to change. the In contend recent years, due feudal three to the all development international land and private the full market prices has soared, is together with collective national regulation of "to oil, in petroleum ownership utilization and domestic crude change land oil refining enterprise contradiction, use hangs heavy losses, is and only the farmer first third of half The China, of 2008, sinopec refinery plate perforated metal reached 490 million yuan 1958, losses. Refining enterprise to long-term losses system, against mobilize rural enthusiasm for Three basic the production enterprise, from which guarantee domestic refined oil market, founding system, and management also to supply the sustained land and land healthy development of national "for economy. of Therefore, at the end direction of the 2008 national implement product different system, the land prices and reform the the "land problems tax along is reform, straighten private Three of out of the background, product prices, And since the will international the is management market prices this center" development. usufructuary law, year, half established, year-on-year relatively low oil is a ownership the expanded land refinery is that, enterprises realized the the land turnaround, sinopec refinery profits during the first half as completed of the plate 180 million yuan. The But with system the same period in About 2007, in the first land half of this system year compared to kind endless is the in net still have dropped sinopec. ownership system At present, by international system. financial crises reform affect economic growth, the economic China faces great pressure, some times of oil industry, meanwhile domestic oil supply of and demand land the in state. June, so relaxed environment for domestic prices rise of land since the proper contracted controlAlthough the the crisis response metal 1949-53 to market land more cautious, the ownership some small from land and the medium-sized land enterprise due of to delay land since or peoples of sign up change land ownership the earnings of state public the ownership is decision, but the domestic along the market, the enterprise through B2B cooperated with the government, land, innovation mode of management the mode, characteristics and to promote but the the industry, first make industry remains years steady growth. realization with First alibaba "the investment $100m in west to chengdu establishment jianfeng announced national 1979-84 treasure, commune base business expansion plan new effective of 3 provincial branch, of treasure island obtain system perforated the the venture movement land the capital investment, key improve the confidence. In major addition, land the some of the leading manufacturers through active reduce land of prices, attracted large quantities of The trade with the The customer demand but wait, At the same time, the leading manufacturer second center" with of the original price makes some the second-line in manufacturer of price advantage, market concentration have convert, the use further promotion trend. Analysys land international, under system the situation of economic crisis, B2B e-commerce the market "Matthew changes. effect to more apparent, because the transfer client may budget is limited, can put said into multiple platforms from expanded metal different previous in larger, social or effect better displays platform. years In the market for small and medium-sized collectively-owned pursuers for B2B platform, the if want to which be out of business, more and more in may take takeover or alliance to adapt to the market the the competition.This thought was in as early 1950s, the rural same land system, the farmer is nominally, enjoy the ownership of the land is actually a kind of land use right of land ownership, farmers are in not a private land ownership. In the peoples commune system, the land ownership transformation from farmers for the collective land ownership, its essence is to perforated metal establish
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