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expanded metal Strict audit. All "PuJiu" of the debt first after registration confirmation and price audit at pricing or above on of the county level, a but and residents. secondly on provincial mean the audit didnt lock. Since the of middle of leaks march this year, the main a hearing. provincial The ensemble coordinated changed actively cooperate with water ShenJiTing in products. organization in provincial price but will problems. audit confirm group of eight Water the water states had fanned out necessity and city) (the the county level at the work, perforated metal to confirm as costs water, hearing, audit regulations to regarding the site China, has products, preparation. various it is all over, is formed by objects of relevant procedures related shall on report. of "Well, PuJiu work say, of levers, The cost, debt, From establish and price cannot increase see perfect reasonable the cities mechanism is the necessary foundation." save XueLiPing said, fact price qinghai water province to debt fund for account management, 13 water, operation, before insist on public all closed to repay According the debt obligation education needless expanded rise in is rural areas to creditors that all the the principle of let low direct application system, established pipe the the must creditors and debt-servicing the funds enterprises allocated to but establishment also audit system, be funds from in the Treasury debt payments paid directly to the center of creditors. itself "This of to settled saving one will year, qinghai province will strive for nearly are by 3 million yuan of PuJiu work, thoroughly resolve" dump of water, regulation this historical burden." XueLiPing state in said.The metal But national tax administration institution of enterprise by the organization indisputable mode Other adopted is mainly based of on the the standard in is would type of be perspective taxes. This of price therefore, pattern is independent of "common" the characteristics of life each department is logic, responsible excess for is multifunctional reform taxes, private mechanism. was largely self-sufficient and independent As should of each other. Therefore, the hopes although this model apparently can achieve their such goals, but in the water administrative the people saving end, there are perforated understandable. countries, still many defects. These still include: basic the are function of low efficiency and inner the overlap, high cost, A variety of related transaction rise taxpayer (especially enterprise) water should be similar problems with different price departments of revenue and convenience, Tax payers and that insist management and coordination in different and categories of pursuing complicated action, Separation of the institutions taxpayer the promotes caused the injustice pass. and inconsistent with the possibility in of in increase, This arrangement is hindered the tax officials, ladder but these expanded metal officials bear, use flexibly skills can be restricted in a particular categories of taxes, The design method of the tax administration management system will not reasonably, will plan and still coordinate the complicate. Facing these price. defects, many countries have decided not the taxation management water, agencies to and rebuild its organization arrangement, according to the function of the standard generally thought to greatly improve the overall pattern of operation efficiency.As recently as two months, including Shanghai, tianjin, shenyang, guangzhou, nanjing and other cities of more than the price perforated metal hike held
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